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Heavy Fleet Products Policies

Privacy Policy

Your privacy on the Internet is important to us, which is why we believe in an active approach to safeguarding your privacy on-line. You can interact on this site and remain assured that your confidentiality and security will be protected.


Any confidential information you share with us will not be disclosed to anyone outside of our company unless you specifically request that we do so. We will never exchange or sell your information to any other company. As a customer, your Internet sessions, including the transactions you conduct online, are archived. This allows us to process and confirm your transaction and to provide you with the history of your account transactions.


Cookies are a convenience for you. They save you the trouble of reentering certain information in some registration areas, help to deliver content specific to you, and track which sections of the site are most popular.


Although our site contains links to other sites, we are not responsible for the content, links or privacy on any of those sites.


Your company must contact Heavy Fleet Products & Truck Service, Inc. and notify us when authorized user(s) need to be removed or changed. We are not responsible for actions taken by your agents or employees whose authority has been restricted or terminated. Accordingly, we request that you notify us immediately of any user changes via fax or email. By visiting this sight you agree to the terms as outlined above. We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time.

Transaction, Server, and External Server Security

All information in our possession requires a unique password and username to access it. With this password you or an authorized employee will be allowed to edit, delete or add to information you have shared while visiting our site. Additionally, the information you include in a credit or bank transaction is secure while in transit to us or third party processors of such information. All information is fully encrypted, such as the content of terms submitted, access authorization information (such as user names and passwords), and data returned from the server to the client. Secure SSL sessions are established in areas where your personal information is being transmitted, including online services, account related e-mail, and customer order areas. The servers are protected by several security mechanisms. First, Filtering Routers restrict access to only approved network paths. Second, firewalls limit access and prevent certain attacks. State-of-the-art firewall products from Cisco Systems, a leading supplier in the Internet communications industry, provide a secure environment for financial web applications and help protect against errors in server software applications. The server must interface with the external server that is used by the financial institution for core processing, including balance inquiries, history inquiries, and monetary transactions. These interfaces are done through firewalls and Encrypting Routers using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies. VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel from a router or firewall to a matching device on the other end of the network.